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Welcome, Iím Charles Weddle and this is my website. Iím currently working for Model N, an independent software vendor and the leader in revenue management software. This website is a central location for information on my work. This includes links to projects, papers, my resume, etc. My email address can be found on my contact page if you would like to contact me.

The Interesting Bits

The File Object Framework (FOF) is a Java framework meant to meet the needs of the lightweight Java application that doesn't need a database back end but still needs to persist data in a tabled format. The FOF doesn't persist data in cryptic binary serialization or incur the verbosity of large data sets in XML or JSON. The FOF provides a reliable and consistent object to file mapping layer to persist data in tables. Quickly build out business objects and business object managers that plug into the framework. Open your application data in MS Excel with ease and move on! Start focusing on the UI. More information about the FOF can be found on the projects page.

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That RAID is Gear-Shifting!

The Gear-Shifting Power-Aware RAID had its day in the sun! PARAID was accepted to the 5th USENIX conference on File and Storage Technologies held in February 2007 in San Jose. Check out the links below to the FAST '07 conference website and technical session agenda.

This research was also published in ACM's Transactions on Storage, Volume 3, Issue 3, Article 13. The link to this ACM TOS Issue is included below as well.

FAST Tech Session Agenda (search for PARAID)
ACM Transactions on Storage, Volume 3, Issue 3


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